Intelligent Process and Instrumentation Diagrams Services

Accurate Drawings & Diagrams

Intelligent process & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) are graphical representations backed by a database containing all project management data. This pairing of sophisticated electronic tools allows useful organization and timely retrieval of process and facility data.

Our Approach

The bi-directional dataflow between P&ID graphics and the centralized database provides a powerful design and management tool especially during the initial stages of process and instrumentation design. Your team and our team can see updated graphics and reports immediately, as project team members, facility technicians, and maintenance personnel provide input and changes. P&IDs thus form a solid foundation on which to build process management systems and procedures.

AMG, Inc. uses smart P&ID data for:

  • Automatic report generation
  • Reports during design, construction, maintenance, & management of the facility, including:
  • Equipment lists
  • Equipment specification sheets
  • Line lists
  • Manual & automatic valve lists
  • Motor lists
  • Instrumentation lists
  • Customized reports in formats defined by the end user
  • Flexible, expandable databases as part of a customized Microsoft® Access database
  • On-line updates to existing reports — to reflect the most recent data revisions
  • Bi-directional updating of drawings & the project database
  • Single data entry is automatically applied throughout project database

Advantages of Intelligent P&IDs

  • Input data only once, & then retrieve the data for use throughout the facility life cycle
  • Populate the database with interactive drawings (i.e., from Auto CAD®), a customized database application (i.e., Microsoft® Access), or both concurrently
  • Store facility data in an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant database
  • Break down large projects into multiple smaller projects while maintaining one database
  • Generate process data designed for direct application to OSHA 1910, EPA, & ISO compliance & reporting

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