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With 50+ years combined experience among our process engineers, we’re able to identify and solve critical issues that affect system performance.

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Our Process Engineering Team’s Strengths

From conceptualizing a new process to making a never-before produced product, to providing the process engineering for a greenfield $50 million plant. Whether your process needs involve batch or continuous processes; debottlenecking or pilot plant design and scale-up, energy and chemical usage optimization to quality improvement, we have the experience and knowledge to support your project.

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Process Engineering Services

  • Process Engineering support of all Project Lifecycle Phases
  • Batch and Continuous Process Development
  • Energy “Pinch” analysis
  • PFD/P&ID Development
  • Material & Energy Balance Preparation & Simulation
  • Process Equipment Sizing, Specification, and Selection
  • Process Instrument and Valve Sizing, Specification, and Selection
  • Process Debottlenecking and Expansion
  • Pilot Plant Design, Operation and Scale Up
  • Process Control Narrative Development
  • Process HAZOP
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Technology/Software Tools We Use

  • AutoDesk AutoCAD Plant 3D® – 3D Intelligent Piping & P&ID design Software

Our Process Experience By the Numbers

Our Process Engineers and Designers have a combined total of 58 years of experience and an average of 9 years of experience.

  • 7,500+P&ID developed
  • 11,000+Process & Utility Equipment Specified
  • 400,000+Instrument Specified
  • 250+MEB (material & energy balances) developed

Featured Process Engineering Projects

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  • Type of FacilityBio-Chemical Plant
  • ServiceStructural Engineering, Detailed Engineering

New Farnesene Production Facility

AMG provided detailed engineering services to support the construction of a new farnesene production facility. The project involved various systems including fermentation, media preparation, sterilization systems, chemical storage and distribution, compressed air, sterile piping systems, steam and condensate, cooling towers, chillers, centrifugation, agitation, scrubbers, RTOs, truck loadout, spill containment, and others.

AMG provided construction coordination, structural engineering, instrumentation & controls specifications, and complete detailed engineering encompassing process, mechanical, piping, and electrical engineering.

  • Type of FacilityBiomass-to-Sugar Processing Plant
  • ServiceMechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Detailed Engineering

Sugarcane Bagasse to Xylose Sugar Syrup

AMG provided engineering and design for a new demonstration scale plant with a capital value in excess of $80 million. The plant validates a technology that enables extracting highly refined xylose sugars from sugarcane bagasse waste and other cellulosic biomasses.

The project involved the design of many integrated systems, including: biomass dewatering, centrifugation, chemical reactor, chemical storage, chromatographic separation, compressed air, condensate, cooling towers, evaporation, filtration, ion exchange, liquid-solid separation, material handling, milling, steam systems, and wastewater treatment.

  • Type of FacilityEthanol Plant
  • ServicePiping Engineering, Process Engineering

Process and Piping Design and Engineering in Ethanol Plant

AMG provided consulting and detailed engineering services for an energy reduction project in an existing facility that produces ethanol from corn in Mississippi. AMG applied process and piping engineering expertise and the knowledge of distillation and evaporations systems to support the construction of an energy and reliability improvement project.

  • Type of FacilityBiomass-to-Sugar Processing Plant
  • ServiceFEL-3 Engineering Study

Plant Front-End Engineering for New Biorefining Process

AMG was hired to finalize design concepts for a processing plant in Ontario, Canada that would convert farm waste into sugar. The plant utilizes new, patented technology to convert straw biomass into glucose sugar.

AMG’s task was to define the details required to bring that concept to reality. AMG delivered a stage 3 Front-End-Loading (FEL-3) engineering report that included plant and equipment specifications, project execution plans, and a capital estimate.

The new plant utilizes many complex systems, including chemical reactor, compressed air, filtration, liquid-solid separation, material handling, and milling systems.

  • Type of FacilityGrain Processing Facility
  • ServiceDetailed Engineering, Capital Costs Estimate

Upgrading an Oilseeds Processing Plant

A large agribusiness corporation called upon AMG when they needed upgrades to a soybean processing facility while overcoming the challenge of minimizing downtime. AMG provided capital cost estimates as well as detailed engineering and plans for integrating a flaker machine and hot dehulling equipment to the solvent extraction process.

  • Type of FacilityEnzyme Plant
  • ServiceConsulting

Evaluating an Enzyme Production Facility

A food ingredient manufacturer needed consulting on an enzyme production facility.

AMG provided an evaluation of the building, the fermentation system, and the dry material handling system. We also provided a capital cost estimate for a new parking lot.

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