Procurement Phase

Timely Procurement of All Materials

The Procurement Phase is where the results of the detailed engineering effort are leveraged to acquire bids for equipment, materials, and construction services, technically and commercially evaluate those bids, and issue purchase orders and negotiate construction contracts. AMG supports your project at any or all stages of the procurement process depending on the needs of your project.

  • Procurement Phase 

How We Support Your Project’s Procurement Needs

Whether you have a large procurement group or a small one, or even no procurement staff at all, we have the know-how and experience to support your project. Your AMG team will collaborate with your purchasing department to ensure that the specified materials, equipment, and systems are purchased efficiently and delivered at the right time to minimize your project cost and to facilitate an on-time project completion.

The Procurement Phase can generally be organized into the steps as outlined below:

  • Identify and pre-qualify suppliers and construction contractors
  • Solicit Bids from suppliers and contractors
  • Conduct technical and commercial bid analysis
  • Recommend or Select vendors and contractors
  • Issue Purchase Orders/Execute Contracts
  • Manage invoicing, pay applications, contract changes, retainage, lien waivers, etc.
  • Manage and expedite delivery of goods (equipment, instruments, materials, etc.)

Why AMG?

The Procurement Phase is critical to the success of any project, and oftentimes in ways that may not seem obvious, such as potential schedule impacts and quality control issues. AMG has the procurement knowledge and project experience to work with your team to develop and execute a procurement strategy to ensure the success of your project.

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What’s next?

As the Procurement Phase gets well under way, it begins to integrate with the Construction Phase to keep the project on track.