The Project Engineer’s Guide To Facility Systems Design & Installation | Section 6

From Price Ambiguity to Cost Accuracy

In this guide, we’ve shown the process you should leverage when you’re tasked by upper management to scope a piece of equipment for a CAPEX project.

We’ve discussed specifying and buying a piece of equipment to solve a process challenge, and identifying the parts and pieces required to make that piece of equipment perform at its ideal level. And we’ve shared many of the engineering and design functions that must take place to ensure the installation and operation is safe, reliable, and efficient.

It’s not a guide written without context. Over 35 years, we’ve refined and implemented this model to save companies from ill-quoted and poorly planned projects—saving millions of dollars for our clients.

Follow this guide, and you’ll be well positioned to lead your company through its next project.

section 4Assembling a Complete System & Installation Plan Introduction

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