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Virtual Walkthroughs

3D Modeling gives your team and our team a virtual look at your location throughout the entire project process. 3D modeling software provides an animated walk-through; the resulting 360° orbit is spectacular. Even more impressive, technically, is the software’s ability to image a project’s systems or features so realistically that the computer-generated image and a photograph of the final construction are essentially identical.

3D Modeling

A 3-D model effectively demonstrates most aspects of a project or the impact of changes in immediate, easily understood images. Real-time walkthroughs in the digital model allow for comprehensive understanding of the facility prior to construction.

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3-D digital modeling provides:

  • 360° views of project models
  • Easier reviews of design status
  • Animated walk-throughs
  • Facilitated planning within & across all disciplines
  • Communication tools for non-technical management staff
  • Lighting studies
  • Internal/external P&ID & piping reviews
  • Interference detection
  • Preventive maintenance reviews
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control

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