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Introducing AMG Custom Controls, LLC – a full-service UL 508A panel shop built on forty years of engineering excellence.

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The Ultimate Team of Engineers, Designers, and Fabricators

AMG Custom Controls, LLC is a UL 508A listed custom panel shop that engineers, designs, fabricates, installs, and tests industrial control panels. Our shop was created with the insight from decades of experience in industrial processing, material handling, manufacturing and automation. Our engineers, designers, and fabricators use the latest technologies to create safe, reliable, and cost-effective industrial control panels and systems. Our decades of experience in industrial facilities around the world give us the expertise necessary to develop practical answers to even the most challenging industrial control problems.

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What is an Industrial Control Panel?

According to Underwriter’s Laboratory, industrial control panels are defined as an assembly of two or more power circuit components, control circuit components, or any combination of power and control circuit components. They are factory-wired assemblies of industrial control equipment, such as motor controllers, switches, relays and auxiliary devices. The panels may include disconnect means and motor branch-circuit protective devices. Industrial control panels covered by UL product category NITW are intended for general-use industrial applications for the control of heaters, lighting, motors or pump loads or a combination of these loads, and are intended for installation in ordinary locations in accordance with the NEC. Industrial control panels may also be designated for the control of specific equipment, such as industrial machinery, cranes, refrigeration equipment and fountains.

What Do We Offer?

AMG Custom Controls can design, fabricate, install, program and test a wide variety of custom industrial control panels with UL 508A certification, including:

  • Panels for use in hazardous locations (areas exposed to flammable liquids, vapors, or combustible dusts)
  • 24-volt automation control panels
  • Panels through 600 AMP
  • Sizes from 12” x 12” to 72” x 72” or custom sizes as required

Our OEM pricing, low overhead structure, and our access to the full engineering and design resources of AMG, Inc. allow us to engineer, design and fabricate custom control panels at market competitive pricing. We can manufacture panels from customer supplied drawings or design a custom panel based on your needs and requirements.

Categories and Types of Custom Control Panels We Provide

  • Access control systems
  • flammable liquid dispensing devices
  • factory automation equipment
  • Commercial/industrial gas burners
  • gas-oil burners
  • heating and cooling equipment
  • Motor Control Centers
  • industrial control panels relating to hazardous locations
  • packaged pumping systems
  • specialty refrigeration equipment
  • miscellaneous semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • simplex, duplex, triplex and quadraplex
  • alternating, lead/lag controls
  • transducer pump panels
  • pLC Based Control systems
  • relay logic control panels
  • jockey pump panels
  • pump up/pump down
  • variable frequency drive control panels

AMG Custom Controls is proud to be a member of the Beckhoff Integrator Group. Our partnership with Beckhoff gives us access to advanced training and workshops, early product and information access, and special integrator pricing — all which helps us to offer the highest quality control panels at competitive prices.

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