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Engineering Support Beyond The Disciplines

AMG provides engineering, design, and construction support services as we highlight throughout this website. But there are things that we do that are sometimes hard to fit into certain categories, or that deserve further explanation and detail. These additional “things” that we do bring value to the designs that we put on paper. Because of them, our staff has a more thorough view of the circumstances surrounding each design, allowing us the foresight to predict and avoid problems, and to adjust on the fly to solve issues as they arise.

Support Fundamentals, Services and Deliverables

    Safety is not something that we actively sell on every project. Sure, we sell it on design build jobs, and we occasionally sell safety oversight services, and often times we sell Process HAZOP services. But its the AMG safety culture that we have developed, keeping safety front of mind, that brings value to the projects we engineer.
    AMG has been designing within the 3D environment since mid 1990’s when designed the installation of a large salt evaporation vacuum pan. Since the mid 2000’s we have designed exclusively in 3D for all disciplines from concrete and structural steel to piping and instrumentation.BIM (Building Information Modeling) is becoming increasingly popular in the industrial plant world. AMG has been utilizing BIM in one form or another since the late mid to late 1990’s when we first embraced Intelligent P&IDs and began designing catalog and specification based 3D piping.
    More than 80% of our projects involve working withing existing facilities or tie-into to existing pipes, structures, etc. Laser Scan Point Clouds have become our go-to method of gathering accurate, timely, and detailed field information to allow our designs to progress with a high degree of accuracy, and confidence that pre-fabricated components will fit with minimal interference and re-work. The point clouds also provide an excellent visualization tool for all project stakeholders to understand existing conditions and their interaction with new construction.
    Intelligent process & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) are graphical representations backed by a database containing all project management data. This pairing of sophisticated electronic tools allows useful organization and timely retrieval of process and facility data.
    Front-End Loading Engineering (FEL) is a deliberate multi-decision-stage approach to defining the scope and investment required for a facility capital project based on the desired business outcomes for the organization.
  • Commissioning and Startup
    Commissioning and start-up is the final step before production runs in a processing plant. AMG, Inc., is uniquely poised to perform commissioning and start-up and the accompanying trouble-shooting and problem-solving activities, whether as part of a design/build project or as a final step in an ongoing project.
    AMG Engineering is a full-service engineering firm that also offers prepaid consulting and design services by the hour for questions, reviews, and smaller projects. Not every engineering challenge requires the full investment of time and resources of an entire team of engineers, designers and project managers.

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