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Arc flash analysis and labeling isn’t just a matter of compliance. We understand the importance of safety, reliability, and productivity in any industry. Our services are designed to safeguard your people, extend the life of your equipment, and enhance your facility’s performance.

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Arc Flash is a Serious Risk with Potentially Catastrophic Consequences

Ensuring worker safety and meeting the challenges of arc flash safety requirements can be a demanding task. An arc flash analysis from AMG can help you address these challenges, ultimately enhancing the safety and productivity of your facility.

AMG has the qualified engineers and technology necessary to provide a range of arc flash related services that can satisfy regulatory requirements and provide additional benefits to the operation of your business.

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What is Arc Flash?

Arc flash is a sudden, explosive, unintended release of electrical energy caused by a fault or short circuit in an electrical system. This phenomenon generates extreme heat and light, and may include dangerous decibel levels, a concussive pressure wave, toxic fumes, and flying debris that can include molten or vaporized metal.

Arc flash events are often over very quickly but can be extremely dangerous, posing significant hazard to individuals working on or near electrical equipment. Arc flash events can lead to severe injuries or fatalities and can critically damage equipment and facilities. It is important to assess and mitigate arc flash risks through comprehensive analysis, safety measures, and protective equipment.

What is Arc Flash Analysis?

Arc flash analysis, study, or hazard analysis, is a comprehensive assessment of an electrical system to evaluate the potential hazards and risks associated with arc flash incidents. It involves the calculation of incident energy, determination of arc flash boundaries, and the recommendation of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety measures to protect personnel. The analysis considers various factors, including equipment, electrical parameters, and system configuration to provide precise insights into arc flash hazards. The analysis may include field data collection, electrical system modeling, short-circuit and coordination studies, and the creation of arc flash labels. It is a critical step in ensuring the safety of individuals working with or around electrical equipment, as it helps prevent accidents, injuries, and damage while also ensuring compliance with regulatory standards like NFPA 70E and OSHA. The analysis identifies incident energy exposure for workers, flash protection boundaries, appropriate working distances, and required PPE. Incident energy is the amount of energy impressed on a surface, a certain distance from the source, generated during an arc flash event. Incident energy is measured in calories per centimeter squared (cal/cm2) or joules per centimeter squared (j/cm2).

An arc flash analysis should only be carried out by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and requires specialized software, dedicated time and resources, and a commitment to follow through on requirements and recommendations.

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Why Perform an Arc Flash Analysis?

An arc flash analysis helps safeguard the well-being of your personnel and protect the integrity of your facility’s electrical systems. Arc flash incidents can result in severe injuries or fatalities, costly equipment damage, and production downtime. By conducting an arc flash analysis, you can identify potential hazards, calculate incident energy, and determine the appropriate safety measures and PPE needed. This not only minimizes the risk of accidents but also ensures compliance with safety regulations.

  • Safety: Help protect your workforce by identifying potential hazards, implementing risk mitigation recommendations, outlining safety measures, and determining the proper personal protective equipment.
  • Compliance: Stay in alignment with regulatory governing bodies and industry standards, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
  • Productivity: Keep your operations running smoothly by reducing the risk of incident disruptions and power outages, identifying over-dutied electrical equipment and miscoordination of overcurrent protective devices, improving preventative maintenance, and preventing costly damage to critical equipment.


Do I Need an Arc Flash Analysis?

All electrical equipment and installations carry some level of risk, especially those that are maintained or operated while energized. Any business with a power system and is subject to NFPA 70E and OSHA standards may need an arc flash analysis to maintain compliance. OSHA requires the identification and labeling of electrical hazards and views the NFPA 70E “Standards for Electrical Safety in the Workplace” as the standard for addressing electrical hazards. At a minimum, an arc flash analysis is required every five years. Significant upgrades or modifications to your electrical system also warrant an arc flash analysis to evaluate the impact on safety.

Ensuring the safety of personnel and compliance with regulations makes an arc flash analysis a vital component of any electrical risk management strategy.

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Arc Flash Services from AMG

Arc Flash Analysis

Our Arc Flash Analysis service ensures compliance with NFPA 70E guidelines, providing precise hazard identification, recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and clear boundaries. We conduct a thorough evaluation, backed by our expertise and advanced software, offering a comprehensive solution to safeguard your facility.

Analysis Review Meeting

Join us for an in-person or virtual Arc Flash Analysis Review Meeting. We’ll walk you through your analysis results, discuss next steps, and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the analysis so you can confidently take action based on the results.

Label Creation

Our Arc Flash Label Creation service provides accurate and compliant labeling for your equipment. Trust our experts to design and produce these crucial labels, ensuring that your facility meets regulatory standards and prioritizes safety.

Label Application

Let us handle the application of your Arc Flash Hazard Labels. Our experienced team ensures precise placement, maintaining compliance and safety. Minimize your administrative burden while enhancing safety.

Short Circuit and Coordination Studies

The first line of defense is always prevention. Our Short Circuit and Coordination Studies go hand in hand with Arc Flash calculations. By evaluating protective devices and harmonizing your distribution system, we identify potential issues to create a safer and more productive electrical environment.

Detailed Engineering Review

AMG’s Detailed Engineering Review goes beyond the Arc Flash Analysis. It is a proactive approach to reduce arc flash hazards and other complications. Over time, facility updates and changes can lead to inefficiencies and downtime risks with your systems and processes. By evaluating fault levels, exposure times, system grounding, and other design variables, we enhance your system’s reliability and minimize the potential for blackouts.

Diagrams and Documentation

Included as part of an Arc Flash Analysis, but also offered as a stand-alone service, our Diagrams and Documentation service ensures your compliance with OSHA and NFPA standards. From arc flash results to updated single-line drawings, we provide the records you need to help support your facility’s safe and efficient operation.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

Whether paired with an Arc Flash Analysis or conducted independently, you can enhance your safety strategy with our Infrared Thermography Inspection. This advanced technology detects electrical anomalies and can identify critical failure risks that might otherwise go unnoticed. Whether standalone or integrated, this assessment adds a vital layer of information for safeguarding your systems.

Arc Flash Education Session

Our Arc Flash Education Presentation is a comprehensive educational service designed for businesses seeking to enhance their understanding of arc flash risks, analysis, and mitigation strategies. This informative session can be conducted in-person or via webinar, accommodating various learning preferences. Your session will cover the basics of arc flash incidents, their causes, and the potential risks they pose to people and equipment. Learn about regulatory compliance, arc flash analysis, mitigation strategies, and safety measures. An interactive segment allows participants to ask questions and seek clarification on specific concerns or challenges related to arc flash.

Preventative Maintenance Review

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In our Preventative Maintenance Review we assess equipment condition, specifications, and setup. We can then offer cost-effective solutions to ensure reliable, safe operations, reducing exposure to hazards, bottlenecks, and failures.

Compliance Assessment

Not sure if you are currently in compliance? Discover areas of concern before someone else does. Our Site Compliance Assessment service investigates your facility to assess OSHA and NFPA standards adherence. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your facility, identifying areas of risk and non-compliance, and recommending next steps. Our customized plan eliminates the guesswork.

Custom Control Panels

If you are in need of a custom control panel for your facility, AMG has an in-house panel shop that designs, engineers, and fabricates custom panels.

AMG Custom Controls

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