Why Should You Choose AMG?

As you have probably learned, not all design and engineering teams are the same, and although you may have existing relationships that you are comfortable with, it may be time for something better, faster, more responsive, and different. Whether you engage the AMG team to fill in the gaps in your existing team or trust them with your whole project, we adapt to work with you and bring value to your project.

We Make Your Life Easier

Through captured experiences and lessons learned, AMG leverages its lifecycle differentiators to deliver positive client experiences throughout the client lifecycle and across multiple projects.

  • Agile & nimble
    We have an organizational structure that allows us to make decisions quickly.
  • Collaborative
    We become a part of your team
  • Empathetic
    We relate to your pain and understand your concerns
  • Recognized
    We are established and have industry-wide credentials
  • Engaged
    We fill in the gaps and take responsibility
  • Networked
    We have client experience value add partners and relationships

We Bring Innovation, Practicality, and Experience to Your Project

The AMG team leverages its project lifecycle differentiators to deliver positive project outcomes and client team experiences for each individual project.

  • Innovative
    We creatively solve problems with better, quicker, and more cost effective solutions.
  • Practical
    We know what works, and we design for simplicity and ease of construction.
  • Proven
    We’ve been there, done that.
  • Experienced
    We know systems and processes and we’ve engineered hundreds of them.
  • Accessible
    We have a national reach – registered in 30+ states.
  • Affordable
    Our methods are efficient, our structure is lean, and our designs are cost effective.

Learn more about AMG’s differentiators and how they add value.

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