Commitment to Safety

Accidents of any kind, at any stage of a plant project can result in personal injury, lost productivity and can marginalize project quality, time, costs, and scheduling. Accidents can also impact individual work sites or the entire construction area increasing liability and impacting project completion. Based on years of practical, front-line experience, the AMG team has developed a comprehensive set of safety protocols. These are designed to reduce or eliminate safety challenges, project accidents, and OSHA violations through prevention, compliance, tracking, and reporting. This is all done without impacting project costs, schedule, or outcome.

Comprehensive Safety Protocols

AMG employees bring extensive construction and plant operations safety awareness and design to your project.

AMG Team Safety

  • AMG has a qualified and experienced staff safety coordinator
  • All site applicable employees are OSHA 10-hour construction safety trained
  • All site employees complete client specific or third-party required training
  • Compliant with ISN and Avetta vetting organizations safety guidelines
  • Selected employees are MSHA Part 46 safety trained
  • Other applicable employees are NFPA 70E Arc flash trained
  • AMG-specific safety training is provided based on project demands
  • Periodic safety refresher sessions and testing
  • Weekly active project safety requirements are reviewed
  • The AMG safety manual (database) is continuously updated
  • AMG maintains an insurance EMR of 0.47 with zero recordable incidents

AMG Design for Safety

  • Site safety trained and experienced designers and engineers
  • Facility safety design awareness and practical application
  • Safe equipment and systems installation and access
  • Safe equipment and systems operation and maintenance
  • 29 CFR 1926 OSHA Construction Regulations
  • 29 CFR 1926 OSHA General Industry Regulations
  • International, federal, state and local building codes
  • International, federal, state and local mechanical codes
  • NFPA and National Electrical Code requirements and guidelines
  • Client-specific requirements and guidelines

AMG Construction Site Safety

  • On-demand AMG design/build certified site safety manager
  • Sub-contractor, supplier or service provider safety pre-bid vetting (EMR, workers comp, safety history, Incident rate and training)
  • Sub-contractor, supplier, provider pre-contract document review (OSHA 10, 30, MSHA and equipment operation)
  • Client-specific project site safety orientation, regulations and meetings (Personal protection equipment (PPE) and site familiarization)
  • Project site program plans, certificates, permits and documentation
  • Safety near-miss, incident, inspection reporting and stand-down compliance

Safety at all Phases of the Project Lifecycle

AMG considers safety in every phase of the project lifecycle, from concept to operations. AMG ensures this by employing the safety protocols listed above.

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