The Project Engineer’s Guide To

Facility Systems Design & Installation

In most industrial processing companies around the country, project engineers are tasked by upper management to scope the equipment needed for a new build, retrofit, or expansion project.

There’s a significant challenge with this approach—often, the engineers tasked with scoping don’t have experience with the systems they are trying to price.

Find yourself in this exact situation?

Under-scoping a project can have huge implications on the business. An oversight during scoping can result in escalating costs and extended construction schedules once the project is underway. That’s a worst-case scenario that you must avoid.

The good news is, we have a guide to help you accurately scope process equipment and impress (in a big way) your upper management.

Over 35+ years, we’ve worked alongside hundreds of project engineers to install billions of dollars worth of equipment, structures, and systems. Our experience has enabled us to build a proven process that project leaders can follow to predict and manage costs with greater accuracy. And it’s given us the credibility to create this guide.

If you’ve been tasked with scoping new equipment at your facility, follow this guide before you reach out to vendors and gather pricing. It could make all the difference.

Understanding the Basics of Facility Systems

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