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Facility Engineering:
Equipment & System Installation

Since the early 1980s, we’ve helped countless customers across more than 30 states install billions of dollars worth of equipment, structures, and systems to keep their operations moving forward.

Whether expanding, debottlenecking, or building a new greenfield project, getting your equipment installed effectively and efficiently will be a key to your success. Regardless of the vertical market you’re in or the product you produce, your facility is a unique organism comprised of several process and/or utility systems. Each system is made up of the capital equipment, ancillary components, its support structures, and its connections to the rest of the plant. And those things are what we know and do best.

Our success comes from understanding our clients’ needs, knowing equipment systems, and being familiar with the industrial environments in which they operate.



Installing a new handling system? Planning for an upgrade? When it comes to bulk material handling, the equipment is only one part of the equation. You need proper planning and effective installation across every component within the bulk handling system.

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  • Weighing & Feeding Systems
  • Major/Minor Ingredient Systems
  • Mechanical Conveying Systems
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Material Receiving & Loadout
  • Truck & Rail


Cooling systems are complex—and there’s more to the process than simply choosing a cooling tower. Before you purchase, you should be thinking about preventive maintenance, location choice, and additional components required to operate your system effectively—today, and tomorrow.

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  • Cooling Tower Systems (Modular, Timber/Fiberglass, etc.)
  • Chiller Systems
  • Water Pumping Systems
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Chemical Treatment Systems
  • Support Structures

Chemical Storage Systems

A mistake here can be costly. You’ll need to follow OSHA regulations, consider employee safety, and take precautionary steps as to not contaminate the surrounding environment when determining your system design.

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  • Receiving Systems (Truck, Rail, Totes/Barrel)
  • Containment Dykes
  • Tank Farms
  • Corrosive Containment
  • Acids, Bases, Solvents, etc.
  • Dry Chemical Systems (Salts, Lime, DE, Urea, etc.)
  • Slaking Systems (Brine Makers, Lime Slakers, etc.)


Compressed air systems are widely used in nearly every industry, but they can be one of the most expensive utilities in a large facility. That’s one reason it’s crucial to get the compressed air system design and installation right, the first time around.

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  • Plant/Instrument Air Compressor Systems
  • Compressed Air Dryer Systems
  • Compressed Air Filtration Systems
  • Compressed Air System Piping
  • Air Receivers/Surge Tanks
  • Process Air Systems
  • Sterile Biological Air Systems


The concept is simple: put dry stuff in a bin or silo. Executing that concept is more involved than choosing the right container. Due to difficult and sometimes finicky material flow characteristics, dry bulk storage systems must be well-designed and properly installed to function reliably throughout the entire system.

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  • Grain Storage Systems
  • Co-Product Storage Systems
  • Mineral Storage Units
  • Chemical Storage Units
  • Ingredient Storage Systems
  • Dry Chemical Storage


Many industrial processes produce and discharge pollutants, some of which may be harmful to humans or the environment. The proper application of the right industrial emission control system can help recover otherwise lost product, bring your facility within EPA compliance, and reduce your environmental footprint – making us all better stewards of the environment.

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  • Dust Collection/Baghouse Systems
  • Cyclone Systems
  • Wet Scrubber Systems
  • Wet/Dry Electrostatic Precipitator Systems
  • Bulk Material Loadout Dust Capture & Control
  • Bulk Material Receiving Dust Capture & Control
  • Fugitive Emission Control
  • LDAR (Leak Detection & Repair) Compliance
  • Storm Water Protection


Every facility requires some amount of electricity. We make sure the electricity delivery system is properly sized for today and for future production, while controlling capital cost and maximizing worker/employee safety. The right installation results in fewer interruptions and downtime, improves employee safety while costing you less money.

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  • Medium Voltage Distribution
  • Transformer Systems
  • Switchgear Systems
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction
  • Power System/Fault Current Studies
  • Arc Flash Studies & Reduction Measures
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Variable Speed/Frequency Drives
  • Soft Starts
  • Compliance
  • Storm Water Protection


Before equipment selection, we can offer thermal expansion and stress analysis work. In addition to a stable steam heating system design, installation plays a large role in ensuring proper system operation. Get it wrong, and it’s an expensive headache.

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  • Boilers
  • Exhaust Stacks
  • Mechanical Conveying Systems
  • Steam & Condensate Piping
  • Boiler Feedwater Systems
  • Condensate Collection & Return Systems
  • Steam Traps
  • Condensate Flash Tanks


Packaging operations rely on both quality equipment and ideal layout. We help you consider the structure, layout, equipment, and installation of your system to help you get the most out of your budget.

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  • Bagging & Packing Systems
  • Palletizing Systems
  • Robot Stacking Systems
  • Shrink Wrap Systems
  • Drum Filler Systems
  • Bottle Filler Systems
  • Tote Filler Systems
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