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AMG provides electrical and instrumentation design services for industrial facilities and commercial buildings.

Our engineers have expertise in designing electrical distribution systems including conventional substations, race-way and bus duct systems, underground lines, grounding, distribution switch gear, motor control centers, panel boards, and indoor/outdoor lighting.

Electrical Engineering example

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  • Complete Electrical and Instrument Project Engineering, Estimating and Scheduling for new installations and/or modifications of existing systems.
  • Upgrading existing control systems from conventional electronic or pneumatic control to Distributive/PLC control, with minimum loss of production.
  • Field survey of existing process and the providing of P&ID’s, Loop Diagrams and Motor Elementaries of existing systems with recommendations of improvement.
  • Providing field engineers and technicians for monitoring new installations and for checkout and start-up, including calibration and PLC and DCS configuration.
  • Providing construction coordination including Purchasing Agents, Expeditors, and Schedulers.
  • Diagnosing, trouble-shooting and verifying fail-safe design of new and/or existing safety systems such as Flame Safety on Lime Kilns and Boilers.
  • Main Substation Planning
  • Electrical Power Distribution Systems
  • Single Line Electrical Diagrams
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
  • Electrical Floor Plan Layouts
  • Fire Protection & Security Systems
  • Motor Control Center Layouts
  • Branch Circuit Layouts & Panel Scheduling
  • Logic & Ladder Diagrams
  • Motor Elementaries
  • Control Panel Layouts
  • Control Room Layouts
  • Instrumentation Loop Diagrams
  • PLC & DCS Configuration
  • Programmable Controller Field Wiring Diagrams
  • Computer Room Design
  • Voltage Drop, Fault Current, and Coordination Studies
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Check-out & Start-up
  • System Trouble Shooting
  • Existing System Documentation
  • Procurement, Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Feasibility Study
  • Cost Estimating


AMG’s staff can participate in design and installation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributive Control Systems (DCS) for controlling plant processes, instrumentation loop diagrams, schematics, hardware and software implementation, as well as the training of personnel to operate these systems.


As part of one facility expansion project, we evaluated existing power requirements together with the electrical needs for the expansion. To supply power adequately to the entire facility, the electrical distribution system was reinforced with a new 12,000 KVA primary substation of 115 KV to 13.8 KV and four 12 KV to 480 KV, 2,000 KVA secondary substations.

The motor control centers were sized and designed with conduits and wiring to the motor stations. Our services covered the selection of control and instrumentation devices, layout of control panels, instrumentation, and logic programming for process sequencing. We also calculated the lighting levels to determine the necessary number of lighting fixtures. We provided drawings showing associated switches, branch circuits, wiring, and panel schedules.