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Design / Build Project Delivery Method

By consolidating the project into a single contract, AMG, Inc., can speed the total project time by as much as 10%, with all the accompanying savings in capitalized interest and potential for a faster return on investment.

Design/Build encompasses every step of a project – from the initial idea until the finished project is commissioned and ready to go online. AMG, Inc. has the capabilities, experience and expertise to handle the entire design/build process.

When AMG, Inc., participates in a design/build project, it is not a "black box." It is not a situation where the client neither gives nor gets much input. Quite the opposite is true: AMG, Inc., enjoys engaging the plant owner in the design/build process at whatever level of involvement the client chooses. Every fact about the project is always available to the client because no corners are cut, no second-quality work is performed. The level of communication and the quality of work are always honest, open, and available for scrutiny.

It is exactly this work ethic that has built the great reputation that AMG, Inc., has established with its clients.

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Benefits of Design/Build Method

For the company planning a processing plant, AMG, Inc., can take full responsibility for finding an outstanding and cost-appropriate vendor for each category of task or material in the entire design/build effort. AMG, Inc., will first go to its list of known and trustworthy vendors, and can expand the search for appropriate vendors and suppliers – all without taking up the plant owner’s valuable time. A precise and well-documented short list of final bids is always available to the plant owner at every key decision juncture. Also, one of the advantages of having close and trusted relationships with vendors allows AMG, Inc., to ask those vendors for suggestions and conventional wisdom when questions about constructability issues become evident.

A major benefit of design/build is that the plant owners/client doesn’t need to provide a project manager. The client can go about their business, meeting with AMG, Inc., and receiving detailed reports on a predetermined basis – so the project can be monitored in detail without heavy involvement from the client’s busy staff.

Benefits of design/build include:

  • Flexible contract options – firm price or cost-plus
  • Flexible purchasing options – purchases managed through AMG, Inc., or client sources
  • Project tracking – job-costing detail
  • Experienced, professional personnel
  • Communication – honest, open, & frequent
  • Compressed schedule

Design/Build includes:

  • Planning
  • Detailed engineering
  • Equipment & materials procurement
  • Construction scheduling
  • Monitoring & reporting
  • Construction
  • Safety program
  • Commissioning & start-up services