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Case Studies

Structural Engineering

The AMG, Inc. Structural Engineering Department is a team of skilled professionals with diversified backgrounds and experience in industrial projects, commercial architecture, construction, and field supervision. We have been responsible for the structural analysis and design of projects ranging from several thousand dollars to more than one hundred million dollars.

Piping Engineering

Our Piping Engineering experience is comprised of small and large facilities, from plain piping and utility design through elaborate chemical plants. Our Piping Engineering responsibilities have included utility piping systems, plumbing, HVAC, natural gas, ventilation, dust control, underground systems, vacuum systems, and the various services required to support commercial and industrial facilities.

Facility Upgrades and Retrofits

Updating a facility and/or fitting new equipment into an established space can present unique challenges. When a client wants to approach additional capacity, AMG, Inc. figures out how to achieve that goal with zero-downtime and figures out what it takes to bring in new technology.

Civil Engineering

The AMG, Inc. Civil & Structural Engineering Department has project experience in low, mid and high rise office buildings, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, libraries, retail stores, warehouses, and laboratories. In addition, our background is versatile in penal institutions and government facilities for the Army Corps of Engineers, Air Force, General Services Administration, and U.S. Postal Service.