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Project Management

Project Management Diagram

AMG, Inc., begins with a detailed proposal that captures their efficient and effective strategies to maximize and monitor each client project. AMG, Inc., monitors projects’ critical paths, and plans all phases of engineering procurement and construction. Project management at AMG, Inc., includes these services:

How is the critical path determined for a construction project?
What are some of the Project Management tools that AMG utilizes?
What is the most important consideration in maintaining schedule and cost control?
What is the role of an AMG project manager?

Constructability reviews

  • Consultation with clients and their insurance underwriters in the conceptual phase to minimize construction & insurance costs
  • Constructability review meetings with the clients, engineers, & contractors
  • Sequencing
  • Means & methods
  • Design for construction simplicity
  • Contractor consultations

Contractor prequalification

  • Safety program & qualifications
  • Safety records
  • Bonding capacity
  • Financial status or condition
  • Management style
  • Construction tools & capabilities
  • Staffing structure
  • Resource availability
  • Contracting options
  • Accounting practices
  • Jurisdictional compliance

Detailed capital cost estimates

  • Materials cost-estimating database
  • Equipment cost-estimating database
  • Construction cost-estimating database
  • Labor cost-estimating database

Safety compliance & reporting

  • Safety programs
  • Safety records
  • Accident reporting
  • Near-miss reporting
  • Work plan review & analysis
  • Emergency action planning

Construction management

  • QA/QC program & qualifications review
  • Construction schedule development & projections
  • Construction bid packages
  • Equipment procurement, delivery, installation, check-out
  • Weekly/monthly construction performance reports
  • Cost projections & tracking
  • Vendor/contractor performance reports
  • Daily jobsite safety compliance checklists
  • Receiving reports
  • Contractor coordination meetings
  • Management RFIs (requests for information)

Contract development

Standard contract documents can be customized to a client’s particular needs. Contract development is based on the standards of such widely accepted sources as:

  • AIA — American Institute of Architects
  • DBIA — Design/Build Institute of America