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Procurement hierarchy

AMG, Inc., can manage each project’s procurement process by obtaining needed equipment, materials, supplies, and installation services at the best price reasonably available through open and fair competition. Related services include:

Vendor prequalification

Decades of relationship building allow AMG, Inc., to bring top-quality equipment suppliers and vendors to each project. A thorough, careful examination of all possible vendors is central to the prequalification process. AMG, Inc., utilizes a 15-page prequalification form for each potential vendor, including such parameters as the vendor’s:

  • Safety records
  • Quality assurance program
  • Sales & financial strength
  • Size of work force
  • Workers’ Compensation & liability coverage
  • Delivery records
  • Reputation
  • Equipment performance track record

Bid specification development

To tailor bids to each client’s specifications and match those specifications to the vendors’ potential strengths, AMG, Inc., works closely with each project owner to define bid specifications that are appropriately detailed so that maximized value results when materials, equipment, and services are procured.

Bid analysis

Careful bid structuring results in apples-to-apples comparisons for each client. AMG, Inc., strives to collect a minimum of three viable bids for each procurement effort. Bids are tabulated into a matrix that lists all vendors and fields of comparison. Each vendor is asked to submit bids with prices broken out for effective comparisons. Once a procurement bid is awarded, AMG, Inc., loads the successful bid information into a tracking system and sets up a job-cost module.

Contract negotiation

AMG, Inc., takes the information used to assemble a bid, combines it with know-how about the technical aspects of a project, and uses this collective intelligence to sit down with the client and a vendor, and negotiate a contract.

In this way, AMG, Inc., can help answer questions, offer advice on substitutions, negotiate project timelines, negotiate warranties, and often add spare parts, service contracts, or staff training into the bottom line.

The end result: Your contract is smart, solid, and acceptable.


Using a Microsoft® Access database tailored with a custom purchasing program that tracks purchase orders, AMG, Inc., tracks each vendor invoice as it flows easily through the financial management system.

Combining each project’s construction master log into an Access database, AMG, Inc., oversees bid specifications and tabulations, double-checks each transaction, ensures that all legal requirements have been fulfilled, and makes sure that each invoiced price meets project requirements.