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(P&IDs) Intelligent Process & Instrumentation Diagrams

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Intelligent process & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) are graphical representations backed by a database containing all project management data. This pairing of sophisticated electronic tools allows useful organization and timely retrieval of process and facility data.

AMG, Inc., uses intelligent P&ID data for:

  • Automatic report generation
  • Reports during design, construction, maintenance, & management of the facility, including:
  • Equipment lists
  • Equipment specification sheets
  • Line lists
  • Manual & automatic valve lists
  • Motor lists
  • Instrumentation lists
  • Customized reports in formats defined by the end user
  • Flexible, expandable databases as part of a customized Microsoft® Access database
  • On-line updates to existing reports — to reflect the most recent data revisions
  • Bi-directional updating of drawings & the project database
  • Single data entry is automatically applied throughout project database

The bi-directional dataflow between P&ID graphics and the centralized database provides a powerful design and management tool Ð especially during the initial stages of process and instrumentation design. Engineers and/or clients can see updated graphics and reports immediately, as project team members, facility technicians, and maintenance personnel provide input and changes. P&IDs thus form a solid foundation on which to build process management systems and procedures.

Advantages of Intelligent P&IDs:

  • Input data only once, & then retrieve the data for use throughout the facility life cycle
  • Populate the database with interactive drawings (i.e., from Auto CAD®), a customized database application (i.e., Microsoft® Access), or both concurrently
  • Store facility data in an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant database
  • Break down large projects into multiple smaller projects while maintaining one database
  • Generate process data designed for direct application to OSHA 1910, EPA, & ISO compliance & reporting