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Front End Loading Engineering | FEL | AMG

Front-End Loading Engineering (FEL) is a deliberate multi-decision-stage approach to defining the scope and investment required for a facility capital project based on the desired business outcomes for the organization.

The FEL Approach & Deliverables

AMG has successfully implemented Front-End Loading Engineering approaches for Industrial and Processing facilities. Using the 3-stage approach outlined below, we work closely with Business Executives and Facility Engineers to build realistic, accurate, detailed cost estimates that win Project Authorization.

Conceptual Stage (FEL-1):

During the FEL-1 stage, AMG determines the economic viability of a conceptual project before more expensive, detailed engineering is put into action—identifying potential risks, considerations, and approaches to form the initial capital projection and ROI analysis.

  • Strategic Business Assessment
  • ProForma (ROI Justification)
  • Location Logistics Studies
  • Site Identification
  • Preliminary Factored Cost Estimate +/- 30%
  • Preliminary Process Flow Diagrams
  • Preliminary Equipment Cost
  • Preliminary Layouts
  • Preliminary Project Schedule

Feasibility Stage (FEL-2):

During the FEL-2 stage, AMG works to gather additional information to support a preliminary cost estimate for the project. This stage includes identifying and refining process flows, major equipment, and layout considerations.

Consulting and Engineering Services

  • Updated Market Studies
  • Refined Strategic Business Assessment
  • Refined Project Schedule
  • Preliminary Soil Borings
  • Refined Project Cost Estimates +/- 20%
  • Overall Project Execution Strategy
  • Permitting & Compliance Planning
  • Updated Production Cost
  • Preliminary Process and Instrum. Diagrams
  • Energy Efficiency Studies
  • Preliminary Equipment Sizing & Specifications
  • Process Optimization Reports
  • Product Quality Goals
  • Product Price Strategy

Definition Stage (FEL-3):

During the FEL-3 stage, AMG and project executives refine preliminary estimations and plans into a realistic project definition, accurate capital estimate, and ROI-justification which can be leveraged to secure Project Authorization.

  • Final Strategic Business Assessment
  • Detailed EPC Phase Project
  • Execution Plan/Schedule
  • Environment Permit Submittal
  • Commissioning, And Startup Plans
  • Final Cost Estimate +/- 10%
  • Interviews with Potential Contractors
  • Finalized Utility Flow Diagrams
  • Heat & Energy & Mass Balances
  • Detailed P&ID’s
  • Plot Plans & Critical Equipment Layouts
  • Equipment Lists & Equipment Specs
  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Pre-Design HAZOP Analysis

Request a FEL Proposal

Questions about Front-End Load Engineering? Looking for a FEL partner? If you are early in the conceptual planning stages for a facility construction or expansion project, contact us to discuss your specific project.

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