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3-D Modeling Audit

On a regular basis, we receive calls from potential clients who have a problem with their current engineering company that produced the 3D Model for the project yet is not able to produce the “Piping Isometrics”.

Sometimes we also receive these calls from the technology provider on the project who is looking for the isometrics to complete their end of the project and have yet to receive them.

In either situation, a red flag is raised, and that is when the call is placed to AMG, in which case we jump in to help solve the problem of translating the 3D model into the piping isometrics.

Detecting The Problem

Why do so many potential clients and technology providers contact AMG? In short, because of our experience. With over 16 years of experience producing 3D models, we have developed a specific recipe, which no other company has, that has allowed us to easily develop piping isometrics from 3D models. We have developed a proprietary library of equipment shapes and piping components that allow our 3D modelers to assemble the models with a click versus drawing them line by line.

Without these libraries and this extensive knowledge, many engineering companies can get into trouble by just purchasing 3D modeling software out of the box, and believing that the correct isometrics can be developed from there. In our experience, they cannot.

Fixing The Problem

Our team can fix the problem by determining the specific situation, asking questions, and developing a plan of corrective action. Sometimes, we can work with the existing team to salvage as much as possible from the original model (as our team did with a recent project in Malaysia). Other times, we are forced to come in and begin from scratch (as we did with an airline terminal in Canada). No matter what, we can and will develop an accurate solution.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with your 3D modeling or with your piping isometrics, please feel free to contact us to determine if AMG can help.

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