On-Demand Engineering Services

Advanced engineering,
even for small businesses.

Even if your project dollars aren’t counted in the hundreds of millions you still deserve the knowledge and insight that comes with hiring a dedicated and experienced engineer or designer.

Prepaid Engineering Services

AMG Engineering is a full-service engineering firm that also offers prepaid consulting and design services by the hour for questions, reviews, and smaller projects. Not every engineering challenge requires the full investment of time and resources of an entire team of engineers, designers and project managers. Maybe you’re just trying to wrap your head around a single engineering question. Maybe your team is stumped by a mechanical problem and it’s time to put a fresh pair of eyes on it. Or maybe you just want to bounce an idea off of someone with years of practical, hands-on engineering experience. AMG is here for you with small scope engineering and design consultations to help move your projects forward.

AMG On-Demand Engineering Services

  • Cad Design
  • Consultation/Question & Answer
  • General Electrical engineering Questions
  • General Mechanical engineering Questions
  • Pipe Stress Questions

Please note that rates for on-demand services are special prepaid rates that are not representative of regular project rates.

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Free Consultation with a Design Expert

Not sure exactly what you need? That’s OK, too. Give us some details about your project and one of our experts can help get you started.

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Real World Experience, Across Disciplines

Many of our clients engage AMG to provide full-service engineering and design for an entire production facility. Others depend on AMG to provide engineering solutions for more basic problems like a small process modification such as adding a tank or pumping system, or even a simple as adding a maintenance monorail. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our team has the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to make your project a success.

Learn More

  • Process Engineering
    From PFDs to Mass and Energy balances, pumps and heat exchangers to fermentation and downstream processing, our process engineering group has the process and unit operation expertise, hands-on experience, and know-how to solve your processing challenges.
  • Mechanical Engineering
    AMG’s mechanical engineering team provides solutions for projects large and small, demonstrating expertise in areas such as mechanical equipment specification & design, ventilation and process aspiration systems, large-bore ductwork stress analysis, pneumatic conveying and material handling systems, and specialty mechanism design.
  • Structural Engineering
    From reinforcing an existing building column to designing the foundations and steel for a multistory heavy industrial processing building, we have the skillset, knowledge base, and experience to fill your structural needs, large or small
  • Electrical Engineering
    We have engineered systems from convenience circuits through medium voltage including power distribution, substations, motor control systems, variable frequency drives, raceway/conduit/tray/busway, underground duct banks, grounding, motor control centers, panel boards, and indoor/outdoor lighting.
  • Piping Design
    AMG has extensive piping design experience, stress analysis, and fabrication ISO preparation with both process and utility piping systems and with a wide range of material specifications from threaded galvanized to glass-lined and high temp corrosion-resistant alloys.
  • Instrumentation and Controls
    AMG has a broad background in process instrumentation, control systems, and communication protocols. Our specification, design, and integration experience includes all common process sensor, valve, and transmitter technology, as well as modern and legacy control systems, HMI’s, and SCADA systems. Our network and communication protocol experience includes conventional as well as more modern discrete and analog networks and bus protocols. We have the experience and breadth of knowledge to tackle your instrumentation and control projects.
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