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Mechanical Engineer (Entry Level)

This engineer will train with Senior Level Engineers and perform hands on duties in a fast paced work environment. He or she will direct or assist with documentation development, including coordination with other engineering disciplines, Cad Operators, 3D Modelers, and Designers. Performs work, which involves few complex features for which there are precedents. Typical tasks include assisting in developing process flow diagrams and P&IDS, creating basic plant and equipment layouts, working with piping layouts, specifying equipment, and designing HVAC systems and ductwork. Performs Quality Assurance review of own project work, prior to submitting to the department Quality Assurance Coordinator. Preparation of project or design reports.

May include some site work involving the review of equipment design and development, testing of materials, measuring of flow rates, determining locations for connections between existing and new facilities, and other activities of limited scope requiring knowledge of principles commonly employed for a mechanical engineer. Candidate may also be trained or work with other team members to coordinate between the drawings and the physical plant, such as following piping in the field using P&IDs and to comprehend, to some degree, all facets of a project including, but not limited to structural, process, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation.

Entry Level; negotiable with experience of 1 to 2 years.
Dayton, Ohio
Mechanical Engineer 1
Mechanical Engineering
40 hours with occasional overtime; Travel as needed
Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering is required.
Ability to analyze problems involving fluid statics and dynamics, thermo dynamics and heat transfer, combustion, HVAC, statics and dynamics, strength of materials, and machine design by hand or by using computer software. SOFTWARE: MS Office--Word, Access, and Excel. Any pipe stress analysis or HVAC heat load estimation software knowledge.
0-2 years entry level work experience or internship in an engineering related field/industry. Prefer one year of experience related to engineering design but not required.